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Fascinating Facts About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a procedure that is used to alter or mold a person’s body shape to make it appear different from the original. This procedure has evolved to include many modern procedures such as rhytidectomy (facelift) and rhinoplasty (altering the size and shape of the nose). In the past, plastic surgery was popular among celebrities. Today, even ordinary people decide to go for the procedure. Let’s get some fascinating facts about this procedure.

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It Dates Back to the 16th Century

The documented evidence of plastic surgery dates back to the 16th Century. An Italian physician named Gaspare Tagliacozzi was experimenting on techniques that were described in an old Indian manual that had been written approximately 1000 years earlier when he successfully reconstructed a damaged patient’s nose using tissues extracted from the inner arm.

cosmetic surgeonRapid Development in Plastic Surgery

Although plastic surgery dates to many centuries ago, the most phenomenal advances in the practice were witnessed during World War I. During this period, many new weapons and explosives were used on the battlefield, and many soldiers returned home with many injuries that were new to doctors.

In response to these challenges, plastic surgery underwent a period of sustained advancement with a significant contribution by London-based surgeon Dr. Harold Gillies who is also regarded as the father of modern plastic surgery. This doctor was born in New Zealand.

Breast Augmentation Is the Most Common Type of Plastic Surgery

Since 2006, breast augmentation ranks as the most popular type of cosmetic surgery, with silicone implants being the most common. The saline implants account for 23% of breast augmentation surgeries. This procedure is popular since many women want to make uneven breasts proportional, enlarge small breasts, and refill deflated breasts after pregnancy.

There Is a Constant Increase of Men Interested in Plastic Surgery

In the years past, plastic surgery was considered a women’s affair, especially cosmetic surgery. Only 9% of plastic surgeon patients are men; 91% of these patients are women. But interestingly, the number of men seeking plastic surgery services has increased by 45% from the year 2000. These numbers are growing since more and more men are becoming aware of the importance of their appearance.

Although both genders are showing more interest in plastic surgery, the types of procedures differ. For example, a majority of women go for breast implants and rhinoplasty, while on the other hand, men are interested in eyelid surgery, liposuction, and treating protruding ears and male breasts.

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Top Benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually an elective surgery that people consider for different reasons. The most obvious reason is often to improve appearance. The majority of the reasons, however, depends on how successful the surgery will be. That is why you should always get a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon martin jugenburg to handle the process. Many benefits come with successful cosmetic surgery, some of which are highlighted below.

It Increases Self-Confidence

When you look good, you will most likely feel good about yourself. For a majority of people, the feeling that comes with looking good translates into more self-confidence. High self-confidence can help you to deal with various social situations. It can also allow you to take part in events or activities that you normally would avoid. You will be able to set new goals and become more outgoing, all of which will generally improve the quality of your life.

It Improves Your Physical Health

Some cosmetic surgery procedures can help improve your physical health in addition to improving your appearance. Nose reshaping, for example, can help you breathe a lot better as well as improve how the nose looks. Another example is breast reduction surgery. It will improve the contour of your body and relieve some physical discomforts that you may be having on the back and neck. It also helps to relieve skin irritation that results from overly large breasts.

It Improves Mental Health

Successful cosmetic surgery can help to boost your mental health. You are likely to be mentally affected if you are self-conscious because of how a particular part of your body looks. Some cases can even lead to stress, depression, or any other mental condition. With cosmetic surgery, you will gain more self-confidence and be able to deal with all the insecurities. The result is that your mental health will improve.

It Increases Your Opportunities

Various studies show that more attractive people are likely to get more opportunities, both personal and professional. By improving your physical appearance, plastic surgery will thus increase your chances of landing new opportunities.

It Can Improve Lifestyle

Plastic surgery can also help you to improve your lifestyle. Liposuction, for example, can help you get rid of the extra body weight. You will be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle to maintain the healthy body weight that you get. Improved lifestyle will have a positive impact on all other areas of your life.